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My career began with Sheriff H. E. Bond in 1983. I have served in the law enforcement field for almost 37 years, the last 34 with Waycross P.D. I served in all sections and ranks rising to the rank of Major, serving as Assistant Chief since 2012. I have completed the F.B.I. National Academy, Georgia Professional Management Program and Georgia Law Enforcement Command College to name a few. I have over 4200 P.O.S.T. Council training hours and several law enforcement certifications. This is just a small part of my experience.


For 37 years I have worked to establish a very good rapport with all law enforcement agencies which ensures our ability to work closely together on any issues which may arise.


I believe in being proactive instead of reactive. Aggressive Drug enforcement will be a key role in helping to reduce the other crimes generated by the drug problem. I see a need for the Sheriff’s Office to initiate youth programs to help reach and direct at-risk youth before they grow into offenders.

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